Victor Vieira


Brief info

Victor Vieira is a Krav Maga Black Belt Professor.
His expertise was acquired with and rank attested by Israeli Grand Master Kobi Lichtenstein, 8th Dan Red Belt, introducer of Krav Maga in Latin America and prodigious direct student of the creator of the technique, Imi Lichtenfeld.

Certified as an Instructor in 2008, Victor has over a decade of teaching and demonstrations for civilians and the military, and over two decades of training.

Holds knowledge in the use of common objects for self defense; firearm, knife and club defense, ground techniques, third party protection, collapsible baton and tonfa use, military and security instruction, as well as other martial techniques.

Participated in foreign seminars and classes of other global Krav Maga authorities, such as GM Haim Zut (Israel - KMF), Richard Douieb (France - IKMF), Haim Gidon (Israel - IKMA), Rhon Mizrachi (NY/USA - KMF), David Kahn (FL/USA - IKMA), Gaby Michaeli (Chief Instructor at Wingate University - Israel Defense Forces’ elite military training). Assisted in the organization of the 2010 International KM Congress and Guinness World Record event for the largest self defense class.